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Aomion’s latest private label consists of major furnishings and also designs, and bed linen

From 19 to 22 October, 2021, INDEX, the recommendation trade fair for the nonwovens industry, will certainly occur in Geneva.

For this version there will be more than a hundred Italian exhibitors, of whom about eighty are equipment makers. As in the previous versions, Italian Trade Agency will certainly organize an Italian Pavilion, where 13 Italian manufacturers will show.

Recently nonwovens production have expanded on a worldwide scale, a lot more significantly than the typical fabric market. According to numbers accumulated as well as assembled by EDANA, the international organization of nonwovens business, production of nonwovens in Europe grew by 7.2% in 2020 to get to 3 million tonnes (and 85.9 billion square metres), with a total projected turnover of Euro 9.6 million.

“Index is the leading profession fair for the nonwovens industry, comments Alex Zucchi, head of state of ACIMIT. It is as a result especially essential for ACIMIT and also the Italian fabric machinery market to be present at the reference exhibition for nonwovens, a industry that has revealed strong growth during the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic. The enhanced demand for nonwovens, especially those meant for the medical industry (surgical masks, but additionally various other individual safety apparel and also devices) has actually rewarded the Italian technical deal, abundant in cutting-edge remedies”.

The need for nonwovens has improved the Italian production of nonwovens machinery throughout the in 2014. The increased need for cutting-edge solutions is precisely what boosts the duty of Italian fabric machinery suppliers. The Italian exports of devices utilized for generating nonwovens (HS code 844900) got to a worth of 59 million euros in 2020. In the very first 6 months of 2021, then, the development went over: +142% over the initial half of 2020, worth 37 million euros.

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