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Unveiling the Future of Surveillance: HIKVISION iDS-96128NXI-I24/AI 128-ch 4U 4K DeepinMind Super NVR

Unveiling the Future of Surveillance: HIKVISION iDS-96128NXI-I24/AI 128-ch 4U 4K DeepinMind Super NVR

In the ever-evolving landscape of video surveillance technology, HIKVISION has once again taken a significant stride forward with the introduction of the iDS-96128NXI-I24/AI 128-ch 4U 4K DeepinMind Super NVR. This cutting-edge NVR stands at the pinnacle of innovation, offering an array of powerful features that redefine surveillance capabilities and provide users with unparalleled control and insights.


Breaking Barriers with Advanced Algorithm Models:

At the heart of the HIKVISION iDS-96128NXI-I24/AI Super NVR lies the capacity to import algorithm models, setting new standards for adaptability and customization. This breakthrough feature empowers users to integrate tailor-made algorithms, catering to their unique surveillance needs and unleashing the true potential of their security infrastructure.

Unmatched Scalability for Comprehensive Coverage:

Designed to cater to even the most demanding surveillance environments, the iDS-96128NXI-I24/AI NVR boasts a staggering capacity of up to 128-ch network camera inputs. Whether you are securing a sprawling enterprise or a vast public space, this Super NVR ensures comprehensive coverage, leaving no blind spots unchecked.

Next-Generation Video Compression for Enhanced Efficiency:

In an era where efficient data handling is paramount, HIKVISION’s iDS-96128NXI-I24/AI Super NVR rises to the occasion with support for H.265+/H.265/H.264+/H.264/MPEG4 video compression. This intelligent compression technology optimizes storage and bandwidth consumption, maximizing the potential for longer retention periods and cost savings.

Unrivaled Clarity and Detail:

Never miss a critical detail with the iDS-96128NXI-I24/AI NVR’s support for up to 32 MP live view, storage, and playback resolution. The level of clarity and crispness in the captured footage ensures that even the tiniest piece of evidence is vividly preserved, providing invaluable assistance in investigations and post-event analysis.

Exceptional Bandwidth Performance:

Delivering seamless real-time monitoring demands exceptional bandwidth capabilities, and the iDS-96128NXI-I24/AI NVR exceeds expectations with up to 512 Mbps incoming bandwidth. This ensures that the NVR can handle simultaneous high-resolution video streams from multiple cameras without compromising on performance.

Robust Storage Solutions with RAID:

HIKVISION understands the significance of data reliability, and the iDS-96128NXI-I24/AI Super NVR takes this to heart with 24 SATA interfaces, accommodating up to 10 TB capacity for each HDD. Additionally, the inclusion of HDD hot swapping and RAID 0/1/5/6/10 configurations guarantees data integrity, even in the face of hardware failures.

HIKD: A Trusted Partner in HIKVISION Solutions:

As HIKVISION’s esteemed partner, HIKD plays a pivotal role in delivering top-tier video surveillance products and solutions to businesses worldwide. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, HIKD ensures that businesses can leverage the full potential of HIKVISION’s innovative technologies.

Embrace the Future of Surveillance with HIKVISION iDS-96128NXI-I24/AI:

The HIKVISION iDS-96128NXI-I24/AI 128-ch 4U 4K DeepinMind Super NVR embodies the future of surveillance technology. With cutting-edge features, unrivaled scalability, and robust storage solutions, this Super NVR is the ultimate choice for businesses seeking to elevate their security to unprecedented levels. Embrace the future of surveillance with HIKVISION and HIKD today!

Step into a Safer Tomorrow:

Secure your assets, streamline your operations, and step into a safer tomorrow with the HIKVISION iDS-96128NXI-I24/AI 128-ch 4U 4K DeepinMind Super NVR. Experience the power of innovation and take control of your security like never before. Witness the future of surveillance unfold before your eyes – courtesy of HIKVISION and HIKD. Learn more about the iDS-96128NXI-I24/AI Super NVR here.

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