New Goods Part 1: Detoxification still needs ramblers: I bought the M230 Bluetooth speaker that is popular all over the Internet!

New Goods Part 1: Detoxification still needs ramblers: I bought the M230 Bluetooth speaker that is popular all over the Internet!

The cause of “chopping hands “


After the New Year, I went back to the dormitory and stared at the table in a daze. I felt that the home’s warm layout was much better than that of the dormitory, and then suddenly I bought a practical decoration. I’m such a strange person to be practical and good-looking, yet cheap enough! After looking at a lot of styles, I suddenly remembered a small speaker that had been planted for a long time in my favorites years ago.

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Founded in 1996, it has been focusing on the research and development and product application of audio technology for many years. Edifier’s product line covers multimedia computer speakers, home audio, car audio, headphones and other fields. It is known for its excellent sound quality, excellent workmanship and forward-looking design. Its products have won many international authoritative awards, and have a high reputation and good reputation in the industry.


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M230″. I didn’t even think about the process of buying it, because the beautiful appearance has diluted other concerns, not much to say, out of the box!

Open the box!

Starting from the box, it has a strong retro flavor, dark green as the theme color, and the color picture of M230 is printed on the front. There is also a bronzing M230 stick figure on the side, with a raised texture to enhance the texture of details.



It comes with a Type-C data cable and an AUX audio cable. This M230 can not only be used for plugging in, but also TF card. The scalability is very good.


M230 Bluetooth speaker Appearance & Texture

Start with appearance and stay true to appearance! Some people will find this look old fashioned, but I love it very, very much. I have no resistance to wood grain and chrome plating. Coupled with the neat and tidy design, the design is not particularly “freeing myself”, which is very restrained and boring.


The front cover of gold and brown interlaced weave, plus a golden circular Edifier M230 Bluetooth speaker LOGO, this design slightly weakens the sense of age and makes the front overall look more fashionable.

The piano-style solid bronze keys are becoming more and more rare in the current so-called simple design mainstream. The smooth transition of the keys, this short and tight feel, keeps telling me that this is a modern product, but the collision of wood grain + woven mesh + bronze metal reminds me again, this seems to be another 1950s and 1960s. Old-fashioned radio.


After the arrival of the goods, they are placed in any corner of the dormitory table and they are so beautiful that they fly up. The kind of beauty revealed secretly, although not everyone can fall in love with it, but for those who have been poisoned, only by cutting their hands can they detoxify!


M230 Bluetooth speaker Sound quality & subjective sense of hearing


The Class D amplifier pushes two 48mm diameter full-range drivers with basically no problem. There is Best top 5 PTZ also a passive basin behind the speaker to increase the amount of bass, and the all-wood box can also be used as a good resonance cavity.


Bluetooth is the 5.0 version, which can basically meet most of the usage scenarios. You don’t need to worry too much about the connection stability. When things like audio are connected, most of them will not be far away from the phone, so Bluetooth 5.0 is completely enough for me. . But I still prefer to use AUX or TF card to listen to songs, because the sound quality of Bluetooth mode is not as good as AUX and TF card.


The listening sense of Bluetooth mode is enough for most people, and the low volume is sufficient, but it is a bit boring for me. I have to manually pull the EQ or set a sound effect to satisfy the more critical me. After connecting to AUX, it will be different. The sound quality will take a small step, the sound will be more transparent, the absolute volume will be larger, the bass will be slightly converged, and the mid and high frequencies will be prominent. Such a sense of hearing Even if I don’t adjust the EQ, it can basically satisfy my sense of hearing.


I didn’t have high expectations for the sound quality, but after listening to it, I felt it was worth it. The sound quality performance will never be overshadowed by the sharp appearance.

The physical buttons can be very convenient and quick to adjust the volume and switch songs; and I especially like the feel of the M230 buttons, so I use the physical buttons directly for operations such as switching songs and adjusting the volume.


The official announcement that the M230 has a 16-hour battery life is of course thanks to the large 2600mAh battery, but I don’t really care about the battery life. Even if the battery life is cut in half, it can still be used for 8 hours.


The size of the M230 is very small, about the same as an iPhone X, and it is very convenient to take out; but pay attention to the weight, it is not light at all, and it has a sense of weight.


M230 Bluetooth speaker Summarize


The appearance is very good, and the sound quality is worth the price. In fact, what I like more is the atmosphere brought by the M230. It is like playing with vinyl. It is the feeling. The appearance created by the retro formula has already met all my expectations for the M230. .


Plug it in, press the bronze button, and play a song ripped off an old CD, and even though it’s very digital, I still enjoy it. Enjoy all the added delights that the M230’s exterior brings. After using the M230 for a period of time, I am convinced that this small speaker with high value is definitely not a vase!





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