DAHUA 5MP AI Camera IPC-HDW2531T-AS-S2 Price

Since this year, IPC-HDW2531T-AS-S2  price low-code platforms have become a hot word in the IT development community. Through the visual drag and drop of modules, “Xiaobai” who do not know programming can realize application development based on a small amount of code or even no code, known as “everyone is a developer”.

In the field of more sophisticated AI (artificial intelligence) application development, low-code platforms have quietly entered the front and behind the scenes of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, from the inside of the production process of artificial intelligence enterprises, to all DAHUA IPC-HDW2531T-AS-S2 ,IPC-HDW2531TP-AS-S2,IPC-HDW2531TN-AS-S2 walks of life that do not understand AI The computer desktop of the demander of algorithm development.

The Juling one-stop AI development platform launched by Dahua DAHUA IPC-HDW2531T-AS-S2 ,IPC-HDW2531TP-AS-S2,IPC-HDW2531TN-AS-S2 is such a typical representative.

As a 20-year veteran of the visual Internet of Things industry, Dahua IPC-HDW2531T-AS-S2 Price shares its experience in the development and deployment of 500+ customized algorithms in the industry every year, as well as the accumulated hundreds of AI pre-training models and general-purpose operators to the platform of “Giant” , so that people in all walks of life, such as retail and manufacturing, who do not understand deep learning codes can also develop and deploy AI by themselves, and experience the magic of AI.


A new generation of AI development platform – such a low-code form on the surface, is actually a one-stop AI development form that connects the entire process from AI operators, training, deployment, and testing through complex technologies. It is expected to truly promote the new development of artificial intelligence industrialization. developing.



IPC-HDW2531T-AS-S2 Price
IPC-HDW2531T-AS-S2 Price


5MP Lite IR Fixed-focal Eyeball Network Camera

> 5MP, 1/2.7” CMOS image sensor,low illuminance, high image definition

> Outputs max. 5MP (2592 × 1944) @20 fps, and supports 2688 ×1520 (2688 × 1520) @25/30 fps

> H.265 codec, high compression rate, ultra-low bit rate

> Built-in IR LED, max IR distance: 40 m

> ROI, SMART H.264+/H.265+, flexible coding, applicable to various bandwidth and storage environments

> Rotation mode, WDR, 3D NR, HLC, BLC, digital watermarking, applicable to various monitoring scenes

> Intelligent detection: Intrusion, tripwire

> Abnormality detection: Motion detection, video tampering, no SD card, SD card full, SD card error, network disconnected, IP conflict, illegal access, voltage detection

> Supports max. 256 GB Micro SD card

> 12V DC/PoE power supply

> IP67 protection

So what characteristics does a new generation of one-stop AI development platform need to have? How is the current market situation? What kind of technical logic and the truth behind the commercial landing of artificial intelligence? Recently, we had an in-depth dialogue with Yin Jun, Vice President of Dahua R&D Center, Director of Advanced Technology Research Institute and Smart City Research Institute.

For more than four years, Yin Jun led the Dahua Advanced Technology Research Institute to achieve leapfrog development in the field of artificial intelligence, established the AI ​​full-stack capability and core technology leadership in the direction of vision intelligence, and built Dahua artificial intelligence from the ground up. The industrialized technology and business “building” is also the top planner and leader of Juling’s one-stop AI development platform.
When it comes to low-code AI development, what many people think of is to develop simple programs such as robot turning and robot dancing on the children’s AI programming platform like “building blocks”.

But Yin Jun told us that the low-code AI development used in the industry has different backgrounds and usage thresholds.

Yin Jun said that in highly specialized fields such as retail and manufacturing, the types of algorithm recognition are very complex and scattered. For customers with certain IT capabilities in these industries, they have a more detailed understanding of their own scenarios. For example, in the manufacturing industry, production line defect detection and quality control tasks will vary greatly due to different production lines and IPC-HDW2531T-AS-S2 Price products. Therefore, , customers sometimes need to deploy some custom algorithms themselves. So a demand was born – can customers do AI development themselves?

Yin Jun said: “Although we have worked in many industries, some sub-industry partners are more familiar with them. Dahua Technology empowers our partners with artificial intelligence technology and AI development capabilities. Based on their accumulated industry experience background, they can do produce products that are more in line with the needs of the industry.”

Yin Jun told us that some leading customers in the industry have been using the Juling platform since 2020. For many partners, the technical threshold of AI is very high, but now Dahua helps them quickly and efficiently acquire AI development capabilities through the tool chain, which greatly reduces the communication barriers between industry business needs and technology development.

Take a large catering partner as an example. The company started to use the Juling platform in the second half of last year. It developed and launched AI applications for kitchen facility detection, personnel clothing, and compliance monitoring, and then “one-click deployment” to DahuA ipc-hdbw2831r-zas-s2a. On hardware devices, good results have been achieved.

Yin Jun said that “Giant” is actually an AI development platform developed and used by Dahua IPC-HDW2531T-AS-S2 Price, which supports Dahua’s annual development needs of more than 500 AI algorithms. Through this platform, the cycle for algorithm engineers to develop algorithms has been reduced by more than 40% on average, and the algorithm can be customized for scene applications in about two weeks at the fastest, and the algorithm engineering deployment of dozens of chip platforms can be completed in a few hours.

However, Yin Jun also mentioned that although the platform can be used by novice customers who do not understand code, for algorithms that have high demands on accuracy, performance and specific expertise, a professional algorithm background is required.

AI itself is still driven by data + algorithm, so operators need to have a certain understanding of the principle and essence of the algorithm. Taking data as an example, if the seemingly simple data annotation does not pay attention to the limitations of the algorithm, the accuracy of the developed algorithm cannot be guaranteed either. To make the algorithm usable and easy to use, and to improve the accuracy, a lot of technical experience is required. It is a professional matter to judge which algorithm model is more suitable for business scenarios.

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